The Allen's Pick 'n' Mix Showbag

Choose 2 selections for $12 or 4 selections for $20

A 'build-your-own' Showbag. Pick and mix your favourite Allen's treats and create your own Showbag.


Choose 2 selections for $12 or 4 selections for $20:

Allen's Minties 370g

Allen's Fantales 340g

Allen's Snakes Alive 450g

Allen's Party Mix 465g

Allen's Chicos 380g

Allen's Strawberries and Cream 1380g

Allen's Frogs Alive 380g

Allen's Freckles 340g

Allen's Chewmix 370g

*Note - Please note our showbags are available at the Royal Shows. Contents may vary. Vouchers may require a minimum spend.

Unfortunately the Allen's Pick n Mix Showbag isn't available to purchase online. Please shop our full range online now.

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