2020 Sydney Royal Easter Show Showbags


Easter Show Showbags


We are devastated to hear the sad news the Sydney Royal Easter Show won't be going ahead in 2020. We have been planning this for the last 12 months and were so excited to bring you the best range of showbags ever (in our humble opinion). While this is a big blow for our small business, we understand the health of Australians is the most important thing.

We know there will be many of you wondering if you can still get your hands on your favourite showbags. We are working on having as many of our showbag brands available for sale on our online shop  - we have a bunch of brands available now and we will aim to get more of our range available over the coming week or two. We are also working on some other ideas on how we can still distribute our showbags to you so please standby and more news will come.

You can shop our showbags below or by visiting our dedicated Showbag Shop site - www.showbagshop.com.au.

Thank you for your support at this time.

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