Foodie’s guide to the 2020 Easter Show

Foodie's guide to the 2020 Sydney Royal Easter Show

It’s fair to say, Sydney has a lot to thank the Easter Show for snack wise. Sure, you can treat yourself to the classic show foods like fairy floss, dagwood dogs and cheese on a stick but guys… there are some creative, intriguing and sometimes terrifying food options if you’re willing to go outside your comfort zone.

We’ve seen the trend of {insert food} on a stick and deep fried everything and we are also pretty comfortable with the inspiring food blends e.g. the cheese burger pie.

The 2020 Easter Show is keeping the lights on with this trend but, if it’s possible, taking it even further.


The ultimate food fusion

Introducing… the cheeseburger spring roll. Some call it the ultimate food fusion, others call it a clashing of cultures. I can’t imagine it so I’m just going to have to try it. Find them at Mr Alloo’s Noodle Market everyday.


Chicken in a cone

For the ultimate takeaway you can get fried chicken with original honey butter or a mouth-watering spicy buffalo butter in a WAFFLE CONE (yes you heard right!).

You don't need the roll and the egg when you can get bacon on a stick or in a Bucket. And there’s a bunch of topping options.


The dairy free treat of dreams

Frozen whipped pineapple, Dole Whip has to be tasted to be believed... and it's gluten free and vegan too.


Melon Fiesta

I love, you love, watermelon and nowhere in the world can you get watermelon quite like this... baby melon with melon juice, slices of melon and melon ice cream served in a melon!


Bao bros

Contemporary Asian flavours meets the street food culture of traditional bao, delivering pork belly buns, spring rolls, chicken bao and fries loaded with pickled deliciousness. Get yours from Mr Aloo’s Noodle Market.



For another inventive snack from Mr Alloo’s, everyone meet Firepop - Flavour-packed pops grilled over charcoal and infused with secret marinades, cumin dukkah, chilli and childhood memories of Chinese influence crossed with Aussie ingredients.


Stroopwafel anyone?

Just in case you didn’t know, Stroopwafel’s are a Dutch Stroopwafel ice cream sandwiches (obviously). With sauce, sprinkles, toppings, caramel, choc chips and more, you’ll definitely need two hands and a craving for sweet indulgence.


Fresh & fruity

For when you want to balance out your diet after a few dagwood dogs and cheese on a stick you can look no further than Uptown Boost. Fresh and fruity frappes and crushers, sensational smoothies made with mother nature's finest flavour combinations including acai, kiwi fruit and a sweet alphabet of berries.


A sausage sizzle for good

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned sausage sizzle... and nothing makes the snag taste as good as knowing all funds raised are going straight back to a regional community. The Big Bush BBQ is a sausage sizzle with a purpose - each day of the Show a different NSW Show Society will pick up the tongs and fire up the Barbie. You can enjoy a sausage sandwich knowing all money made at the BBQ will go to help our friends in the bush.

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