Green guide to the Adelaide Show

Green guide to the Adelaide Show

We’ve created a handy little eco-guide for navigating the show in a conscious way.


Use an eTicket. Instead of printing your ticket unnecessarily, use your phone and present it to be scanned at the gate. It’s always on you and you won’t have to worry about losing a piece of paper!


Carry a reusable beverage vessel. There are SO many beverages consumed not just by you, but by the thousands of people that visit the show. 35,000 coffees were sold at the 2018 Royal Adelaide Show. Just think how many single use coffee cups (not to mention plastic water bottles along with slurpie and beer cups) are being tossed away after one use. Most people drink more than one beverage at the show! That’s hectic! Do the planet a favour and bring a reusable cup to use for your drinks. It may do your wallet a favour too with some vendors offering a small discount for bringing your own vessel. There are 5 permanent water fountains around the show so you can keep yourself hydrated for free and without any single-use plastic in sight!


Say NO to straws. Even our kids are realising that straws are detrimental to animals and the environment. What seems like a convenient way to keep your upper lip from being cold/hot and wet, it really does make a difference if you say “no thank you!” to a plastic straw.


Choose your packaging. We know, this is not as easy as it looks! There is single-use food packaging EVERYWHERE at the show but we have noticed a shift in what the food & beverage vendors are offering now. Go for the cardboard bowls, the paper bags, the wooden sticks and the novelty cup that you can take home (and even use for beverages for the rest of the day!)


Bring your own bags. Make picking up those special show souvenirs and treats a little easier and greener by bringing your bags from home and having them on hand instead of accepting a plastic bag.


Let the show know what you think! Don’t just take our word for it. If you see ways that the show can improve their Greenness then get in touch and give them your tips! Support a greener show! You are the eyes on the ground and we all have a part to play in looking after the Earth.

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