How to escape the crowds at the Adelaide Show

How to escape the crowds at the Adelaide Show

The Royal Adelaide Show is known for a few things, the Ferris Wheel, Bertie Beetle and of course, the notorious show crowds. A quiet show kinda sounds like an oxymoron and while we can’t exactly promise you a quiet experience but if you’d rather a show visit with chill vibes then keep reading, we got chu.


Firstly, it’s imperative you choose the right day and time to go


Now not to state the obvious but guys… the weekends are always going to be hectic – full stop. If you want to be able to swing your cat around then we do not suggest you visit on these days.  So, when is a good time? Our 18 + years of show tell us the Monday – Thursday are the quieter days (Monday 2nd – Thursday 5th September).


Timing is also important. Crowds pick up in the afternoon so if you make a nice early morning visit (gates opens at 9am) then you should expect it to be a bit quieter around the grounds.


Next step to having a #ChillShow is to find the most chill things to do. We’ve picked a few of the most tranquil Show day activities we could find to keep your day easy breezy lemon squeezy.


You’ll often find the Livestock areas at the Southern end of the Showground tend to be quieter than the carnival and entertainment precincts. You can wander the pavilions and check out some impressive animals at the same time. That’s what the show is all about!


Visit the new Show Museum, located on West Crescent opposite the Grandstand, and take a step back in time to explore the lives of early farmers, gardeners, cooks, creators, animal lovers, and wine makers.


The Main Arena Entertainment at night can be pretty hectic. If you want to escape the crowds, the grass hill on the southern end is generally less busy, especially compared to the grandstands. The daytime program in the Main Arena is quite peaceful, consisting primarily of the Horses-In-Action competition.


This year marks 50 years of the Skymaster Wheel at the Royal Adelaide Show. Get above the crowds by taking a slow spin on the ferris wheel. Or, take a Rooftop Tour during the Royal Adelaide Show. View 10,000 sqm of rooftop solar panel installation and our beehives while taking in a birds-eye view of the Royal Adelaide Show.


Now if you or someone really needs some quiet time there is an official Quiet Zone. It’s mainly designed as a retreat for families or individuals who have special needs or mental health needs. This space provides relief from sensory stimulation and has support staff from Autism SA on-hand to assist.

Location: Between Farm Expo and The Learning Centre

Times: 11am – 6pm daily


On a side note, if you want showbags – this should be your straight up first stop. Get in there at 9am, make your purchase and then get outta there. If you really wanna nail it, you should get a locker so you can still use your arms for more show fun.


The Royal Adelaide Show runs from the 30 August - 8 September at the Adelaide Showgrounds. 

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