Max fun, minimal spend


Whether you’re the parents of a tribe of littlies or someone trying to impress a date, Ekka can be pricey. Never fear, we have your back (as always!) and are here to provide all the ins and outs of a more affordable day at the Show.


Have a plan of attack.

Spend some time on your pre-show game and come up with a schedule for your showtime. This means you won’t be wandering around aimlessly and dropping cash randomly. FYI: We’ve cultivated some epic itineraries for you to maximise your time at the show.

Use public transport. It’s the easiest and most efficient way of getting to the show and Translink provides discounted tickets for adults and kids. Make sure you have your Ekka ticket to gain the cheap travel!


Find the cheapest day to go.

There are value deals all over that can have you sitting pretty when it comes to Ekka entry. There is currently a promo running to get 10% off Ekka ticket prices. Enter code FAMILIES10 before 11.59pm July 31, 2019 to redeem the offer. You can save 5% on ticket prices by visiting on Tuesday 13, Thursday 15 or Sunday 18. Another fab option is the Twilight Pass (entry after 6pm) which is only $20! (compared to $35). Ekka ticket prices are available here -


Pack your lunch.

Although there is EPIC delicious food coming at you from all angles, buying food at the show is hella expensive! To minimise the damage, we recommend packing a sambo (healthy option) and purchasing a really amazing treat (hello Strawberry Sundae!) so you can maximise your spend on rides and Showbags!! BONUS - Your mum will be so proud!


Cheap eats.

If packing your lunch is all a bit too hard then you can take advantage of the cheapest food at the Ekka. Here’s a few we can recommend:

  • $3 Cheese Toastie
  • CWA Scones and Tea
  • Eat free sample in the Woolworths Pavilion

Super Food Sunday (last day of the Show) – Ekka food outlets offer two-for-one deals on select items all day.


Showbag haul prep.

We upload all of our 2019 Ekka Showbags leading up to the Show on the Ekka Official Website AND Do yourself a solid and plan what purchases you wish to make. Be mindful to come in the morning so that you don’t miss out on your picks. Sometimes on the final days there are discounts if you want to pick up a bargain.


Cash only baby!

Sounds a bit crazy but trust us – it works! This concept will minimise the impact on your wallet, especially if there are kids involved. You can’t spend more if you physically don’t have it with you. It’s exhilarating to plan with your crew what money is being spent where. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


The Royal Queensland Show (The Ekka) is on from 9 - 18 August at the Royal Brisbane Showgrounds in Bowen Hills.

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