The secret guide to getting the showbag of your dreams

2019 SHOWS

“I’m sorry, we’ve sold out.”


The absolute WORST five words to hear on a fun day out at the Show. Panic no more my friend, we’ve got you covered with our insider’s guide - The now not-so-secret guide to getting the showbag you just MUST have.


It’s quite simple:


1. Get informed. There is a bunch of places you can browse the range of showbags on offer. The Showbag Hall is a busy and overwhelming place, we recommend you pick yours before you visit so you can make a swift purchase and get back to the Ferris Wheel:
• The Showguide comes out in paper before the show or you can usually pick one up at the gate on your way in.
• The show has a website with a showbags section with the full range on offer
• Browse the showbags on chicaneshowbags.com.au, we have special offers and behind-the-scenes showbags news for the ultimate showbag fans.


2. Come early in the day. Showbag operators stock up their stands daily but only a certain amount can fit in, therefore on those big days (those pesky weekends and public holidays!), we may run out if you wait until you’re heading home!


3. Come early in the show. If you wait until the last day or two before the Show wraps up, chances are the showbag you had your eye on is going to be SOLD OUT.


4. Get a locker. Arrive early in the day, grab a locker and buy all the showbags your heart desires. Then throw them in the locker so you have your hands free for things like Fairy Floss or patting cute baby animals. Don’t forget to pick them up before you leave! See more locker details here.


5. Know where to go. Make sure you find out which Showbag Stand the showbags are retailing, there are many!! Check out the Showbag Hall map on the show website.

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