Stella Athletic Showbag

PERTH 2019




The Stella Athletic Showbag is THE go-to choice for those health and fitness lovers. Perth gals, you can find yours at the Perth Royal Show in 2019. The ultimate sports luxe collection includes ALL the Stella gear and amazing samples listed below for only $30. Seriously!


Stella Athletic Contents:


Stella Athletic Neoprene Tote

Stella Athletic Tank Top in White (Choose size)

Stella Athletic Water Bottle

Stella Athletic Cap or Headphones (Choose one)

U BY KOTEX Sport Ultrathin Regular 12 Pads

Cool Ridge Vitamin Water 450 ml

Jordans Low Sugar Cherry & Almond Granola 500g

Twinings Asha Blissful Green Tea

Qi Tea Australia 3 samples

Green & Black's Smooth Dark Chocolate 10g

Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea

Hello Fresh Voucher


Showbag Price: $30

Total Value: $200

*Note - Please note our showbags are available at the Royal Shows. Contents may vary. Vouchers may require a minimum spend.

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