Tasty Showbag Ekka 2021

Tasty Showbag


TASTY Bris - Nascafe Mocha

Showbag Contents:

Tasty Picnic Cooler Bag

Tasty Apron OR Serving Board (Choose one)

Tasty Silicone Cooking Utensils (Set of 4)

KIND Nut Bar 40g x2

Northfork Hand Sanitising Gel Aloe Vera Fragrance 500ml

DOLMIO® Oven Bake 175g

Changs Long Life Noodles 250g

Natio Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Surface Spray 125ml

Masterfoods Ready in 15 Minutes San Choy Bow Recipe Base 175g

Ryvita Thins Three Cheese Flatbreads 125g

Prima Taste Singapore Curry La Mian 178g

Piranha Snaps Gluten Free Active Probiotic Chips 25g

Nescafe Mocha 250ml Can

FruChocs Milk Chocolate 35g

Craisins Dried Cranberrries 50% Less Sugar 30g

Barilla Pesto Rustico 200g

VIVA Rinse and Re-use Towel 4 Pack

The Natural Cracker Co, Farmhouse Cheddar Crispy Crackers 20g

Dilmah 4 Teabag Sampler

Eyesential Under Eye Enhancer 1ml

Hello Fresh Voucher


Showbag Price: $30.00

Total Retail Value: $174.19

*Note - Please note our showbags are available at the Royal Shows. Contents may vary. Vouchers may require a minimum spend. To view our showbags available to purchase online visit www.showbagshop.com.au.

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