Men’s Style Showbag 2024

Men's Style Showbag

Discover the ultimate style upgrade with the Men's Style Showbag at the 2024 Royal Shows. You'll get a collection of trendy accessories, grooming essentials, and fashion must-haves curated to enhance your dapper look. Don't miss out on this exclusive showbag experience. Grab yours now!

Showbag Contents:

Men's Style Canvas Duffle Bag
Men's Style Stainless Steel Flip Straw Lid Water Bottle
Men's Style Cap OR Beanie OR Fedora Hat (Choose One)
Men's Style Black Belt (Choose Size - S/M OR M/L)
L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Carbon Purifying Tissue Mask 30g
L'Oreal Men Expert Barber Club Short Beard Moisturiser
Skin Control Pimple Patch Starter Pack
King of Shaves Shave Gel Sensitive or Anti-Aging Moisturiser 20ml
Swisse Active Prepare Energy Booster Powder
Swisse Active Recover Energy Booster Powder
The Healthy Baker Protein Pancake Mix 400g
Hydralyte Hot Hydration Electrolyte Powder Sachets 10 Pack
Red Bull Purple Edition Sugar Free 250ml
Violet Crumble Milk Bar 50g
Remedy KICK No Sugar Energy Drink 250ml
Suntory BOSS Coffee Iced Long Black Flash Brew 237ml
Sunrice Protein Chips Sour Cream and Chives 50g
Fishermans Friends Mints 25g
Majans Bhuja Original Mix 25g
The House of Robert Timms Single Coffee Bag Italian Espresso Style 5.9g


Our showbag contents are sponsored by our sampling partners. Our sample partners choose from our range of showbag brands and shows so this means that our showbag contents differ between shows.

The Men's Style showbag is exclusive to the Royal Shows. At times if there is leftover stock the showbags may be sold online but this isn't usually the case. 

We sell a select range of showbags online, you can view them all here -

Unfortunately no, we don't have any of the items individually, they are all packed together as showbags!

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