Snakes Alive Showbags

Snake's Alive Showbags

The Snake's Alive Showbags are amazing value for any snakes lollies fans. Proudly made in Australia. Allen's Snakes Alive Lollies contain no artificial colours, so are great to share with family and friends. We have two to choose from!

Our Snake's Alive Showbag range:
Snakes Alive Showbag ($7 Range)

Containing live snakes. Wait no... Snakes on a plane? Definitely no.

The Snakes Alive Showbag contains absolutely zero dangerous wildlife species BUT it does have a bunch of delicious lollies just for you.

Showbag Contents:

1 x Allen's Snakes Alive 450g (Family Size)
2 x Kit Kat 14g

Snake's Alive Showbag

Showbag Contents:

1 x Allen's Snakes Alive Family Size 405g
1 x Allen's Snakes Alive Berry 175g
1 x Allen's Killer Pythons 190g

Snakes Alive Showbag $16 Range
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