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Kinder Surprise Showbag 2021

Kinder Surprise Showbag SHOWBAG PRICE $12 Add to favourites Kinder Surprise is a special treat that creates little moments of surprise and delight for kids with three happy experiences in one little egg: the delicious milky taste of quality Kinder chocolate, a little toy and a big moment of surprise!   Kinder Surprise Showbag Contents:…

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Kinder Chocolate Showbag 2021

Kinder Chocolate Showbag SHOWBAG PRICE $16 Add to favourites Kinder Chocolate is made with 33% milk ingredients and no artificial colours or preservatives, it’s perfect for little taste buds and tummies and reassuring for mums.   Showbag Contents: 1 x Kinder Chocolate 4 Treat Pack 4 x Kinder Chocolate Snackbar 1 x Kinder Chocolate Mini…

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Kinder Bueno Showbag 2021

Kinder Bueno Showbag SHOWBAG PRICE $12 Add to favourites Treat yourself to a Bueno Showbag for only $12. Bueno is a delicate chocolate bar that brings together indulgent flavour sensations with a light finish. Each melt-in-the-mouth piece promises creamy hazelnut, smooth chocolate and crispy wafer for you to enjoy. It comes in 2 individually wrapped…

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